Friday, March 21, 2008

I cannot keep it a secret ANY LONGER!!!!

Ok... for those of you who know me, you know that my keeping a secret ranks right up there with monkeys and my posterior.  When I find something great, I want to share it with the whole world!

Yet this was not my find.  One of the greatest technology integrationists EVER, Angie Urling, told me about a way you can create podcasts (and a podcast player to boot) that can be updated by PHONING IN YOUR PODCAST!!!!  (WHAT?? NO way... you don't say!)  She showed me her school FFA site, and I am shazammed!

I wanted to let her blog about it first.  See, we live by the golden rule that those who find it and share it take the credit for it.  I hear your thinking, and NO we are not taking credit for the creation of it.  We simply recognize who implemented first.  I mean GOD FORBID someone be trained on something by someone else, take what was given to them by the trainer, and try to pass it off as their own creation.  Isn't that a copyright violation?  Wait a minute.... I hear sirens coming close.  Are the copyright police coming to get you???

Anyway... I played with this creation after it was introduced to me by Angie Urling.  It is called gcast, and Angie's foray into this new widget has made my HEAD START SPINNING! 

Check out Angie Urling's blog, but then check out gcast.  Also, if you want to see gcast in action, go to my school homepage and just start listening. You can see the player at the bottom of the page.  If you go to the video page and scroll to the bottom, you can see where I have students starting to record themselves reading the stories in our new reading series.  How cool would it be to have a link where parents can work on fluency by letting their kids listen to the story being read while they read along?

Angie I am sorry.  I could not keep it a secret ANY LONGER!!!!


Angie Urling said...

Kim, no apology necessary. Thanks for blogging about GCast and for mentioning me... But, it was our agriculture teacher who told me about it. So, I can't take the credit either. I am excited about working with GCast more, but this week is writing assessment and I know it won't happen. I'll blog some ideas after I get time to try it out. Maybe, that will spark more ideas. Thanks Kim! I loved the podcast on your school's web page. I am going to try to get one on our webpage with our principal. Thanks for helping me get more ideas for using GCast. Keep the ideas coming.

angie said...

glad to have you join the force from the dark side.