Monday, March 31, 2008

Nobody likes a SMARTY PANTS

I am always trying to find some way to maximize on the time that we have our children at school.  Let's face it - how can I possibly undo in 8 hours what is done for 16 hours when those kiddies go home???  And no, I am not speaking of things such as gaming... I happen to think there are positives to that dreaded machine!

I am talking about neglect.  Kids going home to empy houses... kids with no food...  kids whose parents are out in the alley shooting up.  Many of our kids deal with stuff that I never have to face AS AN ADULT.  So by the time they get to school, they are worn out from lack of sleep and worry. 

So I think I found a way to wake those brains up a little.

Stanford University has created an online portal where you can play brain games and improve things such as memory and visual reasoning.  They are actually called MIND GAMES and allow the children to work on memory activities without really KNOWING they are thinking! Bloom would be so proud!!

So if you have a group of kids that just need that extra push... pull them in the lab and fire up those brains!

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