Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My computer has a first name.. it's F-A-S-T-E-R

When I encounter cool things on the internet, I always want to try them out. Many times, it required me to download and install software that bogged down the speed of my computer.  However, I have found one tool that is totally net based that I am now a new fan of.  Call me a convert!

It is called Best4c.  Basically, you register with this site and then you can make any type of chart online without having to install ONE THING on your computer! WOOHOOO!!!  Within 20 min I had created this...


Westest Reading Process


It is basically the same thing as Thinking Maps, but without the huge purchase OR the software!  Once I saved my product, it produced it as a jpeg for me to link to or to download.  I AM IN LOVE!  The toolbar along the top and sides reminds me of Microsoft Word and Powerpoint all rolled into one.  Just click on a shape, move your mouse to where you want it, and click.



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