Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some say psychic... some say psycho...

Have you ever had one person who you were totally in sync with?

I am lucky in that I found a couple of people that I swear READ MY MIND.  In fact, I got a comment from someone about my shirt which I had created a new shirt about and just not posted it yet!!!

Rachel Fletcher told me I should put something about plugging in the printer and it magically being fixed.  Rachel, I had created this new shirt but the wordpress blogsite had changed a little and I could not figure out how to post the shirt just yet.


Rachel.... you are scaring me.  You forgot to tell me you were a mindreader!!!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Oh plan for invisibility is shot. Thanks a lot! :)

I about peed my pants after this shirt. Too Good! You need to start a store in Do a search of "computer". Hilarious.

I like the one that says:
"I keep hitting the ESCAPE button...but I'm still here."