Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have lots of funny stories to tell about people and their computers.  But as I am bound by a code of ethics similiar to that of the attorney/client privilege, I must purge my incidentals in t-shirt format.  Just trust me when I say every one of these t-shirts I have created have come from real life AGGREVATION!

  For those of you unfamiliar with my job, I integrate technology into classroom's to promote 21st century learning.  I happen to know quite a bit about computers, making my skills invaluable to my position.   I receive a teacher's salary, and I am thankful for my state of the art job.    HOWEVER: I AM NOT PAID TO DO TEACHER'S PERSONAL WORK.  My job is strictly to affect change on student achievement.

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Angie Urling said...

AMEN! I just had someone drop hints this morning about their home computer needing to be fixed. I just sat there and listened to the crickets chirp. Were they wanting me to volunteer to do it? I am becoming more and more comfortable with the awkward silence. :-)