Monday, April 28, 2008

You gotta know when to hold them.. know when to fold them..

WESTEST will be thrust upon the masses in a matter of mere weeks, and in the final days before this momenumental task we must begin the proverbial all nighter of elementary education.  Outside of the realm of teaching, a little known fact that has a monstrous effect on student achievement is one's ability to actually TAKE the test.  Yes, we can all swing from the highest branches of blooms tree and could pour our knowledge content into a pond of facts and figures, but to actually transverse the test is a feat all upon it's own. 


There will be some that have prepared their students for content as well as test prep, but many of us will fall short in the identification of the types of questions students will encounter on this behemoth of a test.

In order to help those of us who need that extra push across the finish line, I added a segment to my TrainerTV called WESTEST PREP.  Here you can allow your students to watch short video clips on what to do when you encounter a question, way before you begin to draw upon content to answer it.  Check it out!

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