Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oldie but Goody

Situation:  I prepare and execute all media shows during my church service.  The pastor emails his notes and scripture to me, and I create a visual presentation that I run during the pastor's sermon.  In addition, I must type in all songs so that they are flashed on the screen during the hymn, eliminating SOME of the need of hymnals.  Much of this has to be done in advance, because it takes time to find pictures or backgrounds that lend themselves to the sermon at hand. 

Problem: Transferring what I have created from my home computer to the church computer.  The computer at the church is an older model where USB ports are not easily accessible.  There have been times when I have wanted to import video clips, making files too large for the use of Google.

Solution:  I found an online storage place called X-Drive.  I log in to X-drive, upload whatever file I want (I get 5 gigs free of storage) and then download it from the net when I get to church that morning.  Problem solved!

If you need an online area to store large files (such as movie clips, sounds, multi-media presentations, etc, then I suggest you get a FREE X-drive account!

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