Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Opinions are like .......... everyone has one!

I am the webmaster for my school website.  I try to update it often, because it takes me very little time to make it happen and no one is going to end up wading through stagnant water (so to speak.)  I found this really cool site called Toluna, and if you check it out you realize it allows you to create one question polls that you can post on any site you author.  All it takes is a simple registration, and in moments you can have students comment on a topic that you can turn into a class discussion.

You can see the polls that are currently displayed on our NEWS page of our website.  Take a moment to vote and see what happens when you do!  If you click on opinions or results at the bottom, you can see a breakdown of the demographics of voters.  How sick is that??

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