Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Enlightenment... techie style

While watching presentations for Acuity during my training, John Miller (Office of Assessment and Accountability) shared a VERY useful piece of information that I was not privvy to previously.

Toggling between a powerpoint and the internet when presenting in front of a group, I never could figure out how I could show between the internet and the powerpoint without having to re-engage the powerpoint over and over.  I always wondered how I could bring up a webpage (after hyperlinking it and opening it) during the course of the powerpoint.

The steps:

Add a hyperlink to your powerpoint

Open it

Hold down ALT and hit TAB.


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John Miller said...

Wow! I do believe this is the first time may advice has been quoted in a blog. Thank you!

Here is another pointer: If you are using Windows Vista, hold down the Windows key and hit and release Tab while continuing to hold down the Windows key, then use your mouse scroll wheel to flip through any open windows. Release the Windows key when the window you want rolls around. This really impresses a lot of people when they first see it.

I love your blog. Keep up the good work!