Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Speakeasy for Laborers of Love

I am about to admit something ONLY because I now know my own answer.  It is a part of my 12 step program of fullfillment. 

There have been times in my past, albeit through help services, when I have been asked about my connection speed.  What?.. huh?  In China??...  Those eggs?  I had no idea what my connection speed could be.  I was lucky to know what the SPEED LIMIT is on the highway!

While at the beach, my brother asked me to visit a site called Speakeasy.  He wanted to upload his pictures from digital to a site where he could order prints of our vacation.  I googled Speakeasy and by George I got it!

You can choose whichever server you wish.   Click on BEGIN THE SPEED TEST and watch it work magic.

When finished, you will see LAST RESULT at the bottom of the page.  Speak with authority... speak with intelligence... SPEAKEASY!

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