Friday, September 12, 2008

Cannot Keep Up!

The teachers at my school are ready, willing, and able to undertake technology this year! Ask me if I am excited..... why YES I am!  So now I find I am running around like a scalded dog.

Here are my list of things I could not live without.


Smartboard 10 software

Mobile BT Presenters

Fulltime access to the school webpage

All Google Tools great and small.

Willing teachers


So look at the staff pages until I can post more... and see what they are doing by clicking on the beavers.  I will explain in detail the tools I am using and how I am using them to get the effects you will see.  Some are fantabulous, and others get the job done.

Please be patient - I WILL be back!

Running to help a teacher as we speak.

Quick note - I am a certified trainer for Acuity for the state of WV.  My first webinar is full, but I will schedule another webinar on how to use the site for any teacher in the state of wv.  You only have to have two requirements

1.  You must have skype downloaded and add me as a friend (Kim Mutterback).  Make sure you put down what county you are from so I will add you, because I have been getting some freaky tiki invitations of late.

2.  You must have an account with yugma (FREE) and download the software.  You can get the download if you do not see the link just by saying you want to start a session.  I will gladly walk you through this before I have my second acuity session.  Lets say my next acuity session will be September 24th at 9 am.  I can have up to 10 people - and it is VERY interactive (we can all talk at the same time and share our desktops with one another.)  Email me at if you would like to be a part of the second session.


See ya!

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