Friday, November 14, 2008


Are you aware of the upcoming INCREASES that PEIA is planning on inflicting upon the state employees of West Virginia?  We should have seen it coming... the Governor, THREE DAYS after elections, proposes that he wants insurance coverage for the entire state of WV.  He is willing to guinea pig PEIA to do it.  So here suddenly comes these huge increases in our premiums, the majority of which will be shouldered by the teachers who are 49th in pay in the United States. 


So let me see if I get this straight.  PEIA, who has had a surplus for many years now, and cannot provide documentation showing why there is a need for increases in costs, is going to up our insurance rates.  Couple that with PEIA taking on the burden of the uninsured, it means that I am going to pick up the costs as a working person for those who either a. don't work or b. make more money than I do in their profession anyway.


Ask me if I am upset.  I dare you.





Boy am I glad I did not vote for our governor!  Email him and give him a piece of your mind!

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