Monday, November 14, 2011

Changing of the Guard

I recently attended a TIS (technology integration specialist) Consortium meeting in Beckley.  The purpose of the formation of this group is to share ideas and broaden our scopes on how best to integrate technology into the schools and classrooms that we touch.

Having been thought of as a "Computer Fixer" for going on two years, I felt invigorated with the presentation and idea that my job is getting back to teaching technology.  The state had conducted a study more than a year ago that concluded those teachers who were going to integrate technology into their instructional practices would do so...  and those individuals who were closed in mindset would not utilize technology (no matter how much was installed into their classroom.)

The state is moving towards an approach of empowering the students with the different technological abilities once saved just for the teaching profession. I think this is a fabulous effort and will really change the scope of what our kids can accomplish.

I am linking some current projects I am working on...  Although I do not teach a classroom full of students, I have made all of the middle school students aware of my endeavors.  Following step by step video directions, students can complete projects on their own accord.  "Ode to a Scary Story" was my first attempt, and at least three classes of students were successful and EXCITED to work independently on their own projects.

My Projects

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