Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guarantee Your Students A Job!

In this economy, positive employment news is a welcomed change to the dismal outlook facing our children. Finding opportunities to earn livable wages seems like a distant memory, and guiding kids towards careers is a narrowing path.

Computer Science is a growing market, and with the ease of technology access for young people, programming should be at the forefront of skills taught. I was blown away by the Stats that were provided one the site. When the national discussion of rankings by our American students as compared to other nations falls short, why is Computer Science not important in schools?

I have signed up my school to participate in the Computer Science Hour of Code Week December 8 - 14. I wish I could have the whole school participate, so we could be considered for the $10,000 prize awarded in each state. We simply do not have the resources to facilitate every student getting on the computers to complete an hour of code during that time frame. offers many different courses of study, all free to teachers and students. If you would like to check out the activities, or sign up to be a part of this recognized week, you can click on the Code avatar to access the site.

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