Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lifesaving Algebra Calculator

Common Core has brought many changes to the math curriculum that we all grew up learning. Students in 9th grade in West Virginia now take MATH 1. The curriculum is a hodgepodge of algebra, geometry, and other types of math meshed together in what can only be described as "Math on Meth." 

Math 1 replaced the previous Algebra class that 8th graders could take if they exceeded a host of criteria. My son qualified for this class, and after two days of homework, I knew I was quickly out-witted. I delved into my bag of tricks and started searching for ANYTHING that would help me understand his homework. 

I found a site that has turned out to be a LIFESAVER. The site works flawlessly on an iPad, and all I had to do was open Safari and access the site. I did try accessing the site on a laptop, but for some reason the answers had characters inserted that I did not understand.

Select the tab at the top which represents the type of math you will be checking. Each drop down has characters and functions that can be added when typing in a problem. You can submit to provide an answer, and if you want to see actual steps you can purchase the ability from the site. I wanted to check my son's work, and this site provided me with the ability to do so. Mathway has enabled me to become a functioning parent in this new math world.

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