Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Powtoons instead of PowerPoint

As a computer technology teacher, I am always looking for new ideas to present to my students. I think PowerPoint has it's advantages, but since Microsoft office is now an additional fee for new computers, I was looking for something outside the box.

Enter Powtoons.

I created a free teacher account through a promotional event going on this year. I was given 60+ student accounts to use in my classroom, and I could purchase 30 more for a $5 addition. I loved the idea, but did not know when I would find the time to learn how to use the site.

I found a Youtube video that presents Powtoon creations step by step. I let my class follow along, stopping after each set of steps so that they could manipulate their own creation. You can follow the link or try viewing the video below:

The students caught on quickly, and soon we were making advanced Powtoons that they could upload to Youtube. If you want to create a single account, there is a free option that has a more narrow selection of choices.

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