Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Exposed Online

Today I posed a question to my students.

"What information do you think someone online could find out about you?" I asked them. Most of them assured me that there was nothing that could be found, and the remaining students indicated they were not allowed to have any online accounts.

I showed them our Tiger's Telegraph website, and then went to Google Analytics. I brought up the reports for demographics, location, behaviors, and sessions. I will provide a screenshot of just one of the pieces of data that is collected by a visitor.

We watched a video about the types of information that can be found out about someone online. The video is provided by and can be accessed by clicking on the picture.

Afterwards, students evaluated how much information could be gleaned from their online identities. We then went to the game site of NSTeens and played the Passwords game. After playing the game, students described how to make a password that was difficult to decode by hackers.

Learning about identity vulnerability is a lesson that everyone needs to evaluate.

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