Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ignorance Does Not Mean Malice

Yesterday, I overheard an adult telling kids to "enjoy their day off tomorrow." This statement really struck a nerve with me. I did not say anything, because absence of remembrance is an indication of ignorance, not malice.

I encountered a group of kids shortly after hearing this statement. Out of the blue, I asked them why we were getting off school tomorrow. Out of the 8 kids standing in front of me, only one was able to articulate that it was Veteran's Day. I took that opportunity to give a spontaneous history lesson.

I have a good rapport with the kids in my building, and I was able to quickly tell them that the day was celebrated to remember those individuals who had served our country to protect our freedoms. The right for us to go to school, and to have free speech, and to express our opinions were covered by the blanket of freedom that these brave men and women fought to obtain, both on foreign and domestic soil. I ended with the plea for them to thank someone that had served in any branch of the military on Tuesday.

I was not angry with the individual that I overheard celebrating a "day off from school." Instead, I felt sadness, because we are slowly transforming our next generation from a love of society into a love of thyself. Our kids are not learning to care about the past, but only to look forward to their spot in the future.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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