Sunday, November 2, 2014

Student Articles

I am so proud of the work my students have put forth on our student website. Sometimes I get so busy with the mechanics of my day that I forget how much the students have grown.  As I sat down this evening, I look a look at the new articles posted on our site. I wanted to share two posts that have touched my heart.

After reading these articles, a revelation came to me. Sometimes, it takes the words of a peer to get through to students. No matter how much adults preach the mantras of eliminating bullying and the finality of teen suicide, we cannot relate to the emotional toils the kids face every single day. I have said so many times that I was their age once, but I really cannot compare the two time frames. I did not grow up in a world where every bad decision was easily posted for the community, and even state, to see. I did not live in a world where the atrocities of war was at my fingertips constantly. When I grew up, most adults were functioning, even if they were using drugs. Authentically, the most that I can say to the students of today is that I care, and that I will do whatever I can to help them. 

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