Thursday, October 9, 2008

Acuity Update and Training Agenda

I had some people ask about how to go about training their faculties on Acuity from a USERS perspective.  I created an agenda that can be used at the school level (that covers most of the basics to get the site up and running for your school) and follows it in a sequential fashion.  You are welcome to use this agenda or recreate this agenda if you wish.  However, the only required activities you must do as a presenter is to create a dummy class with dummy students, create and assign a mini test for this class, and print off the logins so your participants can see it and manuever it from a students point of view.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I always post about educational techy things... but I cannot let this go without saying.  One of the TIS in my county passed away yesterday from cancer that developed on her brain.  She fought the good fight for years, but her earthly body tired out and she went on to be with her maker.  I have been deeply affected by her passing (as some of you know), and want to take a moment to honor her memory.


Lindsay Rebekah Haun


Access Email

I forgot.. I had created this help page last year for access email.

Access Help


Just PLEASE OH PLEASE delete all the emails in your trash folder.  I know a certain access state department person that gets TORE UP over the amount of space wasted on trash email - because it does NOT automatically take out the trash! Sounds like our kids, doesn't it???

Odyssey 101

I know that I get the same questions over and over about how to add students, create students, make a benchmark test, etc.  Even after training and handouts, I was still inundated with these issues.  I also realize that teachers are visual learners, and that many times they do not pay attention if they are gathered together in a training.


So I have tried to eliminate all of my negatives and turn them into a positive!  You are welcome to use this.

Odyssey Help

I created mini videos all the way up to printing out test results so that teachers can go and find their issue and see it performed directly in front of them.  OVER AND OVER if you will... (yes.. I have those teachers too!)  Maybe it can help YOU with Odyssey!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

We ALL love free!

I sent off for this free video through the website .  It is by directors who want produce thought provoking stories to make our students more literate in such areas as space and economics.  You can get one free video a year.  Why not try it out?