Sunday, August 31, 2008

I am changing my name to COUPON MUTTERBACK

Check this site out, but do not be put off by the momsview address.  WHO CARES where a good deal comes from???


I have found that this site has the most up to date coupons on the net.  If you must eshop, save what you can!

My wallet isn't fat, but maybe yours could be!

Fat Wallet is a site that provides information on cash back services.  However, I love Fat Wallet because I was able to find my UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC DEAL on my  cell phone service through Sprint and my EARTH SHATTERING MIND NUMBING price on my new palm treo phone.

If you go under FORUMS, you can see some of these deals.  You can also search for things you are looking for to find cool deals.  People helping people - all posts by valued users.  IT ROCKS!!!

Why not have someone pay YOU to shop online?

Sorry for the extended periods of time between posts.  I have been enjoying a rather shortened summer break.  However, I am back for the attack and excited to get this party started!

I am in the process of trying to purchase a 5 way beaded maze for nephew's first birthday.  My initial obstacle is that local stores do not carry such an item.  Second obstacle - the price range online varies from 59.99 to 89.99.  To whom do I turn?  To whom do I give my trust?

Another TIS in our county tried helping me set up a MY POINTS account so that I could actually earn CASH BACK when making purchases online.  (In researching, it seems these sites get a kickback when they are able to refer customers to these stores, and part of the kickback is then rewarded back to the customer.)  I also found a site called EBATES that dangled the cash back carrot in front of my screen.  ARRGGGH!  My brain hurts.   Why can't this be easy?

Well I stumbled upon a site that might make it a little bit easier for me to decide.

They actually look at the stores you shop from the most and give you comparisons for your biggest rewards from all of these sites.  I am all about rewards and coupons, so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would love you for it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Smartboards....Schmarty pants.  I felt as if someone was playing a cruel joke on me when I was preparing for my training session on these pesky little boards.    I had this transparent mouse that followed my little finger around the board as if my fingernail were made of cheese.  When I would try to touch the board to simulate a left mouse touch, that pesky mouse would prohibit me from being able to complete my command.  Kiss my MOUSE!

Through much crying and dispair, one of the TIS figured out how to eradicate this erroneous little vermin.  Here are the steps:

Control panel

Classic View (if vista)

Pen and input devices


Uncheck the "Show the Touch Pointer"

Wallah!  Exterminate that pesky pest!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I am astonished and can barely contain my excitement as I type.

I am preparing for a training session I will be conducting for teachers using the Numonics Board (Interactive Presentation Manager.)  While searching for sites, I came across a video by a man named Johnny Chung Lee (You can see him on the second video on this site.)

Ok, I admit it.  When watching his video, I got a little lost.  I have this huge ADD problem that flares when I am not wowed within a few moments.  I traveled on looking for Interactive Whiteboard Sites.

THEN - I came across this site.


I am sold.  Watch the video on Kindlelab's site and you will see what I mean.  I cannot believe how the Wii is changing the way we think about interaction.  I was already a huge Wii fan - but this seals the deal!

If you are in a school system and you do not have money for whiteboards, then CHECK THIS OUT!