Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I am astonished and can barely contain my excitement as I type.

I am preparing for a training session I will be conducting for teachers using the Numonics Board (Interactive Presentation Manager.)  While searching for sites, I came across a video by a man named Johnny Chung Lee (You can see him on the second video on this site.)

Ok, I admit it.  When watching his video, I got a little lost.  I have this huge ADD problem that flares when I am not wowed within a few moments.  I traveled on looking for Interactive Whiteboard Sites.

THEN - I came across this site.


I am sold.  Watch the video on Kindlelab's site and you will see what I mean.  I cannot believe how the Wii is changing the way we think about interaction.  I was already a huge Wii fan - but this seals the deal!

If you are in a school system and you do not have money for whiteboards, then CHECK THIS OUT!

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Angie Urling said...

Thanks for sharing the find, Kim. I'll keep this one in my memory bank for those who may not have $$ for interactive whiteboards. I also LOVED the Edusim. Did you check it out?!?! Very cool!!!