Monday, September 22, 2008

If you teach 4th or 5th grade math...

You might find some usefulness out of these two sites that my school... ahhh heck... I am keeping.


5th Grade Videos


4th Grade Videos

Ways that these videos may be utilized are for remediation, reteaching, or acceleration of your students(Learning Focused Strategies)  who need extra support before you begin the concept.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Join our community

If you have bought anything from einstuction (cps responders, chalkboards, rf responders, reap) join our community!


Together we can really learn from one another!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This may get confusing... so try to stay with me...

OK.... I had this issue where my PE teacher (who happens to be techy) needed a computer in her office because she bought the fitness gram online software/program that uses internet.  Lo and behold, there was not a drop in her office.  I had the computer, but no internet access.

I spoke to Vickie Witt, another TIS in my county, and she told me about this USB thing you can plug into a desktop to make a desktop computer wireless.  My interest was piqued.

I installed a router in our cafeteria because we do LOTS of presentations from there (the largest space outside of the gymnasium that actually has seating) which solved many of my problems.  So I thought to myself..

"hey you beautiful thing... you look pretty today... why are you losing weight?"

and THEN I thought to myself "why not try one of those usb thingys (oh what are they called) and put a computer in the PE Office and make it wireless?"

Thus my idea was born.  I went and bought a belkin usb converter that requires one simple disk install and plugged it in and WE WERE LIVE!

Here comes the tricky part.

I am the Acuity trainer for my county and one of the biggest pitfalls for the high school teachers was lack of labs for every student to complete the benchmark.  Drops are expensive, and with such big purchases as new smartboards for the high schools, the money is not there for drops.

And then, two paths converged.  WHY NOT pull in 25 desktop computers in an unused classroom and purchase the $29 usb wireless converter and CREATE A LAB WHERE ONE DID NOT EXIST BEFORE!??!?  It is alot less expensive than creating 25 drops in one room...  and if you can manage this near a router.. HOLY SMOKES YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM.

Here is the box... here is me thinking outside of it.

What do you think!?!?!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Writing Roadmap 2.0

If you are one of the lucky ones who will be training for Writing Roadmap 2.0 for the writing portion of the WESTEST 2, then you will find documents and powerpoints you will need here.

Monday, September 15, 2008


NUMONICS Interactive Products Division ISO 9001 Certified

101 Commerce Drive * PO Box 1005

Montgomeryville, PA 18936 USA

Phone: (215) 362-2766 * Fax: (215) 361-0167 * URL:


May 9, 2008


Greetings **************:


Did you know, every Intelliboard interactive whiteboard sold in West Virginia includes RM Easiteach, a whole classroom, cross curricula software platform.  Since April 1, 2007, each Intelliboard also entitles the user to one free Content Toolbar for Math OR for Science OR for English Language Arts OR for Geography. The combination is an extraordinary financial savings to W. Virginia schools of $309.00 per board.


Unfortunately, many teachers in your county have not redeemed their free toolbar valued at $109.00 even though we arranged for “free” web-based training on their product of choice. Perhaps, many teachers found it difficult to set aside the time for the web training? 


To encourage your Teachers to take advantage of this “no cost” software addition we have simplified the acquisition process. A free RM Content Toolbar may be redeemed simply by sending a completed email with contact information below to Melissa Womer of Numonics Corporation. Of course, we encourage your Teachers to enroll in the free web training sessions offered by RM.  Or they may visit RM’s website at their leisure to learn more about how to implement these toolbars to improve their lesson plans. RM Education’s website at provides a video demonstration of all four toolbars clearly showing the ease of use and power of each for building and delivering effective lessons.




Product =  Intelliboard interactive whiteboard family


Date = April 1, 2007 to present


Serial Number =   10043500 or higher


Please send an email to with the following information in your email.  Melissa will get back to you regarding your request.




























With over 3,500 interactive whiteboard installations in West Virginia, Intelliboard continues to be the product of choice by educators across the State. I sincerely hope you will encourage your teachers to take advantage of this great offer. We appreciate the confidence you have shown in our company and our interactive products and remain committed to provide you with the best products and services.




Alfred N. Basilicato

Chairman and CEO




Infusing Technology with Reading Interventionists

I know our reading interventionists have been trained in the Ashelock Model which to my knowledge consists of a very regimented type of instruction where the teacher says a word and the student repeats it with a beat.  (Hows that for a VERY primary version of the model.)

One of our interventionists came to me and said it would be awesome to have some sort of station where the kids heard the word and then where given time to repeat the word.  To make a long story short, I used gcast and the Dolch reading list (which they are working on) and created THIS.  Gcast made it possible for me to infuse technology into what the reading interventionist was looking for.

Feel free to use the list if you are teaching students the dolch words.  I put them into different podcast players to make it easier on the kids just to pick the list they were on.

PBIS in Reverse

Our school has began implementing the PBIS (positive behavior intervention support) system to begin a proactive approach to shaping behaviors.  We pass out beaver tails that can be converted to beaver bucks, and once a month we will have a store that they can purchase items with their beaver bucks.    It is a researched based incentive program.


However, I am taking PBIS in reverse.  Our teachers are the models and the core of this program, so why not recognize them for their efforts?  Everytime I catch a teacher using technology or an innovative teaching strategy, I put them up on my PRAISE PAGE.  I then shoot them out an email to let them know BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING (so to speak.)


I also opened it up to the kids... make sure to check the page and congratulate the teachers.  In addition, they can nominate their teacher for a job well done.


PBIS in reverse - recognizing the recognizers!

Acuity Information

I am keeping a calendar that contains the state information as I get it.  You can check for new updates because as soon as I receive them they are posted to this page.  If you wish to sign up for any of my webinars (just the ins and outs of using it) or if you have any questions regarding using Acuity, you are welcome to contact me.  I would love to be of assistance!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cannot Keep Up!

The teachers at my school are ready, willing, and able to undertake technology this year! Ask me if I am excited..... why YES I am!  So now I find I am running around like a scalded dog.

Here are my list of things I could not live without.


Smartboard 10 software

Mobile BT Presenters

Fulltime access to the school webpage

All Google Tools great and small.

Willing teachers


So look at the staff pages until I can post more... and see what they are doing by clicking on the beavers.  I will explain in detail the tools I am using and how I am using them to get the effects you will see.  Some are fantabulous, and others get the job done.

Please be patient - I WILL be back!

Running to help a teacher as we speak.

Quick note - I am a certified trainer for Acuity for the state of WV.  My first webinar is full, but I will schedule another webinar on how to use the site for any teacher in the state of wv.  You only have to have two requirements

1.  You must have skype downloaded and add me as a friend (Kim Mutterback).  Make sure you put down what county you are from so I will add you, because I have been getting some freaky tiki invitations of late.

2.  You must have an account with yugma (FREE) and download the software.  You can get the download if you do not see the link just by saying you want to start a session.  I will gladly walk you through this before I have my second acuity session.  Lets say my next acuity session will be September 24th at 9 am.  I can have up to 10 people - and it is VERY interactive (we can all talk at the same time and share our desktops with one another.)  Email me at if you would like to be a part of the second session.


See ya!

Friday, September 5, 2008

PDF till your heart is content!

I happen to have the professional version of Adobe Acrobat (and I would kill before I had to give it away.)  Our high school teachers are converting their syllabus into pdf format to upload to edline.  I offered to convert anyone who could figure out how to send me their .doc syllabus into a pdf (ahh.. knowing how to attach is the underlying skill.)

Well one brave soul by the name of Robin Gross (I went to high school with her and by the way.. she is MISS TECHIE herself) asked how she could do it.  A TEACHABLE MOMENT!!!  My friend angie abbott pointed me in the direction of CUTEPDF, a site where you can download a free program to create watermark free pdfs.  NO ANNOYING INSIGNIAS??? I AM SOLD!

Try it out!

Acuity Roll Out

I am the contact person for my county for Acuity.  I have created a site that combines BOTH the state information about Acuity (via John Miller) as well as my county information.  You are welcome to visit and gather the training materials, as well as view the calendar that will be updated often.




By the way.. I have named myself...  AAAA - CUTIEEEEE

Just so you know. :)