Thursday, July 10, 2008

Text Messaging to the MAX

Who would have thought a VISTA training would have taught me about text messaging!


If you visit this site...  LIVEJOURNAL (click on it)...  you can send an email from your computer to a cellphone.  If you are using SPRINT, you need to use the ending.  Follow the directions to send the text message.  When the person responds, it will appear in your inbox on your computer!


HOWEVER.. sometimes outlook deems those return emails as junk.  So please check your junk folder and mark message as not junk.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Enlightenment... techie style

While watching presentations for Acuity during my training, John Miller (Office of Assessment and Accountability) shared a VERY useful piece of information that I was not privvy to previously.

Toggling between a powerpoint and the internet when presenting in front of a group, I never could figure out how I could show between the internet and the powerpoint without having to re-engage the powerpoint over and over.  I always wondered how I could bring up a webpage (after hyperlinking it and opening it) during the course of the powerpoint.

The steps:

Add a hyperlink to your powerpoint

Open it

Hold down ALT and hit TAB.


Speakeasy for Laborers of Love

I am about to admit something ONLY because I now know my own answer.  It is a part of my 12 step program of fullfillment. 

There have been times in my past, albeit through help services, when I have been asked about my connection speed.  What?.. huh?  In China??...  Those eggs?  I had no idea what my connection speed could be.  I was lucky to know what the SPEED LIMIT is on the highway!

While at the beach, my brother asked me to visit a site called Speakeasy.  He wanted to upload his pictures from digital to a site where he could order prints of our vacation.  I googled Speakeasy and by George I got it!

You can choose whichever server you wish.   Click on BEGIN THE SPEED TEST and watch it work magic.

When finished, you will see LAST RESULT at the bottom of the page.  Speak with authority... speak with intelligence... SPEAKEASY!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We all wish someone would all us A-CUITY

So here I sit.. midway through the summer, and I am immersed in training once more.  I CHOSE to be in this training.  The world it is a' changing, people...  and this new promised land is called ACUITY!

Acuity has taken the features of Odyssey and iknow and merged them into one huge ball of love.  They have taken the learning paths from Odyssey and blended them with the testing and reporting functions of iKnow.  Viola! 

A county could really improve their performance if they were to have someone in charge of Acuity full time and administrate it for the county.  If the custom tests were created based on the curriculum mapping, and then instructional resources were assigned based on student performance, a county could guarantee a line of defense in their quest of achievement on AYP.   Student mastery here we come!

I am behind Acuity 100%.  I have seen what it can do and how it can provide teachers/schools/districts with student performance information.  If properly administered, this is the answer we need.

I have three words for you. DATA DRIVEN INSTRUCTION.  Remember those words, they are appearing on the horizon.

I sincerely hope you are reading this from a tropical location.