Monday, November 8, 2010

Fighting the War on Technology

In the past two weeks, I have had to deal with more viruses and trojans that I care to mention.  Four years into this job, and the last two weeks have made me a believer.  I am going to offer some tips that I have found (through tears and sweat) that may help you if confronted with one of these maligned bugs.

Malwarebytes Anti Malware 
Make sure you have this installed on your computer.  This program helps to find even the most pesky of viruses.  However, the new smart viruses disable Malware when they infect your machine, and some are even good enough to hide when Malware is allowed to do a scan.  If you think you are infected but Malware does not find it, then you need to go to the next program.

rKill will stop virus programs from running (essentially taking away their ability to hide) which then allows Malwarebytes to locate them and remove them during full scans.  Think about rKill if you are trying to open a program and something is running in the background that keeps your program from launching.

RegVacRegVac is a program that will help to clean up your registry.  Make sure to optimize your PC first before you start the removal process.  You can run this program in trial mode without ever having to purchase the product.  Keep running RegVac until you have 0 entries.

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