Monday, February 13, 2012

A Google A Day

Teaching someone how to research and come up with effective descriptors when using a search engine is a very difficult task.  The ability to summarize and come up with key terms is a higher level thinking process, and being able to apply those same skills to a search engine such as Google makes searching for content a nightmare,  Being able to teach that concept is just as difficult as the mastering of the skill.

Enter A Google A Day. Started by Google on January 1st of 2012, each day a question is posted in a split screen format.  The top screen above the question is the Google search engine, and you can use the search area to find a document to help you answer the question below.  Once someone has discovered the answer, they can type it in and find out if they are correct.  You can use the back directional arrow to access previous day questions, to provide additional practice in searching and locating information.

Make sure to teach the concept to students first.  You have plenty of additional practice prior to today's date for them to attempt the concept individually, and it is important for students to see a skill modeled first.

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