Friday, July 20, 2012

Morphing into Me

Paralyzed with the horror unfolding on television, my thoughts of those individuals affected by last night's massacre in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado made it difficult to turn the channel.  We all callously throw around the adage that life is too short, but so many times what we say in the moment is not our reality.  I am particularly moved by the story of the NHL Blogger (Jessica) that escaped the Toronto Mall shooting last month, only to be felled by the bullets of a psychopath.  She had written a blog post after her Toronto ordeal, detailing how the incident had changed her life and sweetened her relationships with those she loved and adored.  The irony of her plight did not go unnoticed, and I began to mentally chronicle my own life's fortunes. 

I have not blogged in months, as life tends to get in my way.  My blog postings have always been geared towards my occupation (technology), but my life involves so much more.  I realize that my movement away from blogging and social media is parallel to my personal escape from a 24/7 job. 

However, I have a passion for writing.  My other passion which has been discovered is my affinity for baseball.  I know blogging about my passions will be confusing to those who read my posts, but I just realized that life really is too short.  It is now going to be all about me.

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