Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Age is 27 B.G. (Before Google)

I am not paid to write about any fabulous tool provided by Google.  As an educator, I would be remiss if I did not sing the praises of all things Google.  It's a Google World people, and we simply bounce around in it.

In preparing for a Google Tools workshop I will be conducting, I found a tool that I showed to my friend and guru, Angie Urling (the man REALLY knows your name now.)  I tried to get my other go to girl Rachel to elaborate as to the effectiveness of this tool, to no avail.  Angie had never heard of it, so I thought maybe I should blog about it.

It is called Google Scholar.  Formerly a Title 1 slave, I was forever looking for research that I could expertly present in our Title 1 Plan that would provide research-based, proven initiatives in our quest for AYP.   Sloshing through all of the NON research-based articles got to be a pain in the neck.  However, Google Scholar eliminated that problem for me.

In Google Scholar's ADVANCED SEARCH, I found a screen that rivaled the ERIK system that I used in college.  Ahhh Google, you never cease to amaze me.  I could sit and tell you all about Google Scholar, but what need this tool satisfies for you might be completely different from my needs.  So go and check it out!

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Rachel said...

Oh no! The man has another hit on my name. Dangit! :)