Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time Management for the Smartboardless

I have found that the students respond very well when they have a definitive time frame of expectations. In my two 6th grade keyboarding classes, I would give time remaining prompts. The students seemed less agitated knowing that there was a concrete stopping point during typing.

I realized that as I was walking around monitoring, it would be difficult for me to keep an eye on student performance and an eye on the clock. I had an inspiration during my second class - I would find a timer I could display on my board.

The title seems misleading, because what does a Smartboard have to do with a timer? More importantly, why does a computer tech class NOT have a Smartboard? Even further, WHAT IS A SMARTBOARD???


The only question I can address is Smartboards and Timers. Smartboards are interactive and allow the teacher to stand in the front of the room and manipulate the presentation. One of the tools built in to a Smartboard is a timer feature, and by having a board you can activate the timer while up moving around. I have a project shining on a wall, and my presentation station is on the opposite wall (and restrictive.)

In my search for a timer to use (on Windows 7) I came across and their suggestions for computer timers.

I downloaded the Orzeszek timer, and used it with my class. It is an easy to use program that needs to be cut and pasted onto the desktop. When you click on the timer, a frame appears that allows you to type in the time frame you need to measure. It immediately begins a count down, although there is no warning sound upon completion of time. This timer serves its purpose for my need in the classroom, and so far I am pleased with the results.

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