Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cool Uses for Gcast

Remember me telling you about gcast?  It is a free way to post verbal news on your website.  You can check it out on my initial school page.

Well now that I am a gcast convert I wanted to show you other ways that it could be used.  Also, if you are a teacher in Mercer County from grades 3 - 5, you may want to use this site.

Our Multimedia site has a section at the bottom where a parent (or a student) can click on their grade level and then choose the story they are working on in their classroom presently.  When they click post, and click on their story, they can listen to the story being read aloud.  You could work on student fluency by having them read along with the story.

For parents, they can have their child listen to the story being read aloud BEFORE they have them read the story to them.  In addition, for those children who need acceleration, you can build their background knowlege by having them listen to the story before the classroom instruction begins.

Cool huh?

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